Ar nDraíocht Fein: ADF is an international fellowship devoted to creating a public tradition of Neopagan Druidry. Though we do not consider ourselves Re-constructionists — we do believe in the importance of scholarship. Through the on-going study and discussion of archeology, history, and comparative mythology we have developed methods of worship that we believe our Paleopagan ancestors would recognize and respect as akin to their own. The Shining Ones, the Ancestors, and the Nature Spirits deserve the very best that we can give them, so we encourage our members to pair their study and critical thinking skills with the pursuit of creative and artistic excellence.

NEOPAGAN DRUIDRY: Rooted in ancient soil, yet reaching for the stars — Neopagan Druidry is a tradition, a philosophy, and a way of life for its practitioners. Neopaganism is a vital and creative movement that draws upon the best aspects of the Pagan faiths of our ancestors to create a holistic, pluralistic path which allows for art and science, reason and emotion, and peace and ecstasy to be experienced harmoniously. Druidry is a branch of Neopaganism which draws its inspiration from the priests, priestesses, wise ones and magicians of the ancient Celts. Druidry calls for excellence in all pursuits, be they physical, mental, artistic, or spiritual. Although Druidry implies a Celtic inclination, together as a grove we work with all Indo-European cultures — with due respect for their commonalities and differences. We encourage our members to follow their hearts when choosing a tradition or traditions upon which to focus their scholarship and personal devotion.


Attending as a guest as a Friend is a way to learn about The 6th Night Grove and ADF, while deciding if druidry is the path for you or if you simply wish to support the Grove and its work. Joining as a Member is a two-way commitment with our Grove to be active and support the fulfillment of our group Vision, and to be supported in turn by our diverse family of seekers as your personal spiritual journey unfolds! If you are interested in becoming part of The 6th Night Grov family, please talk with one of our leaders or send us an email through our website.

Membership in The 6th Night Grove is open to anyone who has attended at least one public ritual, is a member of ADF, and supports the aims of The 6th Night Grove and of ADF. Becoming a Member implies a willingness to study, to be of service during public rituals and other activities, and to provide financial support as one is able. Each Member is expected to pay entrance into The Summerland Festival (regardless of whether you choose to attend or not) In place of yearly dues.

If you are interested in joining us and becoming a member of The 6th Night Grove, please go to the ADF website

And click the join ADF link, fill in your information, name 6th Night as your grove (It is NOT Required to name a any Grove to join ADF) , and pay the yearly fee and you are ready to go.

LEGAL: The 6th Night Grov, ADF is a religious organization incorporated in the State of Ohio. We are a Grove within Ar nDraíocht Fein:: A Druid Fellowship a 501(c)(3) nonprofit church incorporated in the State of Delaware. Contributions to The 6th Night Grove are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

MAILING ADDRESS: Our mailing address is: The 6th Night Grove, ADF PO Box 1521 Dayton, OH 45401