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Drumming commences each evening around 10pm or 11pm at the Fire Circle

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We are proud to announce our presenters for Summerland 2017! Below is a sampling of the presenters and the workshops offered. More details to come!

Rev. Jean (Drum) Pagano
Rev. Jean (Drum) Pagano follows an Irish Hearth culture but has always been interested in Indo-Iranian rites. Drum is a frequent contributor to Oak Leaves. He is a supporter and participant in most of the programs of study of ADF. Drum is a Senior Priest, a Master Bard, and the Arch Druid.

Magic in Hittite Ritual and Culture
Hittite Magical Practices are detailed and discussed in both ritual and in culture. While the Hittites are sometimes forgotten or excluded in the Indo-European spectrum, their magical practices provide an interesting glimpse into what was done and what we can do today. Huwasi stones will be distributed and anointed.

Earrach Canalli
"Earrach of Pittsburgh", Neopagan Druid Priest, writer, organizer, musician, naturalist and astronomy enthusiast; Member of ADF since 1988 and founder (1992) and Senior Druid (1992-2007) of Sassafras Grove ADF, Please visit my blog: http://thebookofsassafras.blogspot.com/

Long before becoming an ordained priest in ADF, Rev Earrach of Pittsburgh was an avid naturalist & amateur astronomer. His observations of the Sun/Earth relationship revealed to him the sacredness that is held within an actual moment of a transition (such as winter to spring at the split second of the vernal equinox) and has inspired him to create traditions in order to “capture the magic”. Join him to learn about The Breaking of the Stick and other potent techniques of harnessing Druid powers of time & space.

Maria Stoy
Maria Stoy is currently the Preceptor of the Bardic Guild and former winner of the Wellspring Bardic Chair. She is a member of Sassafras Grove in Pittsburgh where she serves as bard and liturgist.

Bardic Magic
Learn some new songs and sing along with old favorites! We'll talk about using song and chant in ritual and songs appropriate for parts of the ADF Core Order. Handouts with lyrics and links to ADF Bardic resources will be provided.

Rev. Carrion Mann
Carrion is an ADF Senior Priest, the ADF Vice Arch Druid, ADF Preceptor and the Senior Druid and Chief Liturgist of Whispering Lake Grove. She has been a member of ADF since 2001 and has served the folk of ADF in a variety of capacities over the years. Carrion is the Chief of the Order of the Dead and has extensive experience working for and with the Dead and has presented numerous workshops relevant to this practice.

Explore the practice of communicating with the Dead to receive hidden information or prophecy as it has unfolded through recorded history and also as practiced in our modern time. Have you ever wondered why we should turn to those so associated with the past, our Ancestors, for information regarding the future? Why are the Dead wise? Why was Necromancy practiced in the ancient world? Why do we practice it to this day? How is Necromancy practiced and how can it aid our work? For the answers to these questions and many more, join me for a discussion of the magic of Necromancy.

Rev. Ian Corrigan
Ian has been teaching, learning, singing, and playing in the American Neopagan movement since 1976. Beginning by teaching “Witchcraft, Magic & the Occult” for the Kent State University Free School, he has decades of experience in a variety of occult, pagan, and magical topics. Having received his 3rd degree initiation in Celtic Traditional Wicca in the early 80s, Ian has led eclectic study groups, a traditional Wiccan coven, and a Druid Grove. Ian has been well-known for decades at Pagan Festivals as a bard, ritualist, and teacher. He became active in ADF in 1990, serving as ADF’s first Chief Liturgist, first elected Vice-Archdruid, and serving as Archdruid for a short time. He is an Elder of Stone Creed Grove, ADF’s oldest congregation, and the primary author and editor of ADF’s Dedicant Training program. Presently, Ian serves as a Senior Priest in ADF helping to develop its spiritual training and magical work. Along with his partner Liafal he is part of “Awen”, a folk duet. Ian is the author of “Sacred Fire, Holy Well - A Druid’s Grimoire,” “The Book of Summoning - Pagan Spirit Arte,” “The Portal Book - Teachings and Works of Celtic Witchcraft,” and creator of the Ninefold Druidic Oracle.

Details of Ian's workshop are TBA

Heather Killen
Witch, Priestess, Mom, crafts woman, teacher, and pirate. Heather is an ordained Wiccan Clergy Woman in the State of Ohio and actively practicing witch of 20+ years. In addition to being a mother of two, Heather has actively taught women's and warrior mysteries across Northern America for the last 15 years. She isn’t a witch beholding to degrees (although she’s got many) favoring practical application, heart, integrity, common sense, courage, wisdom and skill. Heather does Clergy work for the Ohio Prison system when able. In addition to being the founder, organizer and director of the Earth Warriors Festival, She is the owner and Mistress of Mixology at Violet Flame Gifts. Opened in 2003, VFG is a hearth based Practitioner’s Shop specializing in all natural, hand blended body products, oils, and custom/hand crafted work. Heather is a practical, down to earth witch who is frequently called an irrepressible force of nature.

Details of Heather's workshop are TBA

ADF Artisan’s Guild

Details TBA

David Campbell (Sword and Serpent Oasis, OTO)
David Campbell is a Artist, a practicing Thelemite, and Ceremonial Magician. He has been practicing, and studying Paganism and the Occult for 25 years. David has been active in the Local Pagan Community, and is a member of Sword and Serpent Oasis - Ordo Templi Orientis in Dayton, Ohio.

Details of David's workshop are TBA

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